Scaling your operations to the global level can be less procedural, if the nuances of resource deployment can be understood well.

It is not enough to just get the right employee placed onsite. You must ensure that his needs are taken care of at all times. The requirements that he will have are directly related to his ability to do his job; prerequisites that if not satisfied will harm the efficiency of the position.

There are a lot of issues that are more than likely to crop up while preparing for an overseas project. Let’s look at a few.


This is one of the primary concerns that engulfs an employee when they want to be deployed overseas. The rules and regulations of the land have to be followed to the T. In most countries, the work permit can be procured with the assistance of the employer. The process of obtaining the visa is complicated. The employee should understand the type of visa acquired. Some conditions apply. For example, You will have to leave the country immediately after the project is completed or if you resign. You cannot look for another job after you arrive. Such stipulations cannot be broken.


Invoicing will be usually required to be done in the geography that the client operates in and not necessarily the parent location. The payroll that is to be done will need to be done in accordance with the local regulations and may involve components that you do not usually have in your original location. These can be tricky at times but definitely need to be considered carefully as any lacuna in compliance can have long term impact on the brand of your organisation.

Cost of living is another aspect that needs to be considered when looking at agreeing to a cost of invoice.

Apart from the required documents such as passport and offer of employment from the employee, the Employer has to submit various combinations of documents and other evidences while sending his resource abroad for the posting. It includes signed work contracts, monthly invoices and letters of intent from the client.

Some countries such as the US require evidence of family ties to the home country for specific cases. The consulate requires to see that the applicant is bound to return home after the end of the work period and that you, as an organisation, is not indulging in malpractice immigration.


The relocation package that comes with the overseas deployment should include assistance in finding the perfect housing that is optimum for the need as some localities could be expensive while others could be so far that transportation costs go up. On long term deployment or with family, local knowledge on schooling, healthcare etc go a long way in settling the resource comfortably, so that the work execution can go smoothly.

The employee must be able to understand local laws, especially with respect to Leasing arrangements and taxes when language and culture become a barrier.


Not following various procedures laid down by the government has more than deportation as a consequence. They could blacklist the employee as also the organisation they represent. These are delicate issues that need to be handled with critical care. Like any other document, the fine print must be read carefully.

A different nation means different banking practices and tax laws.
Setting up an account abroad and getting credit in a new country is also a challenging task. Reference letters are a must in these scenarios.

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