Let’s start this article with a simple example of how two different companies decided to sign a project with two Middle Eastern companies, respectively. For the sake of this argument, let’s assume the companies to be Company A and Company B.

The former company decided to take up the onboarding processes in-house whereas the latter went on to bring a Global Staffing Partner on-board. With legal procedures including visa application and stamping, UAE work permit and other documents involving local office governance, Company A struggled to meet all the requirements. What were the consequences, you ask? They lost the project in hand. However, Company B had everything sorted as their staffing partner had the right experience and local presence to fulfil all the needs of overseas deployment with utmost care and attention.

What went wrong for Company A and what worked in favor of Company B?

This is exactly what we’ll be answering in this article that explains in detail, why you need a staffing partner to help you with employee onboarding. Not just that, we’ll also go ahead and give you a 5-point checklist of what qualities you must check before you hire your perfect partner.

Today, the right people being present at the right place are extremely critical for the success of a project in hand. Individual development and performance directly translate into company growth.

The manpower dilemma is a real challenge that every company tries to manage to be successful. There are multiple dimensions to this issue – Assuming you have a clear pipeline of opportunities you are working on, we have tried to capture a few people oriented dilemmas, when you are not clear which projects you are going to win and in what timeframe:

  • How many employees do I maintain on the bench? What Skill Sets should these employees be trained on?
  • What should be my ratio of Senior to Junior Employees? How long do I need to hold them?
  • Do I need to plan for onsite resources? If yes, how do I manage Visa and Compliance requirements? How do I manage Employee relocation?

An efficient way to handle these dilemmas is to find a reliable staffing partner who can provide you with the ability to scale up and scale down resources through innovative resourcing models. The words “reliable” and “innovative” are key in the previous statement. In addition, it would be good if you can find someone who can take accountability for the end to end process and work with you from pre-sales / proposal submission to placing the right resource on the project at the right time. Think how much it would simplify the administrative process for you, if the staffing company can manage employee relocation logistics, payroll and compliance with local law.

Think about the employee experience if they have a local expert guiding them right from planning travel, guidance to find housing, brief on local culture and help with employee local registration process. A bad experience can place him in a negative state of mind and impact on the project.

For example, if the employee takes one week to settle down because he has to understand the local procedure, register himself at the city office and find himself occupied with other legal procedures, it may severely hamper the project timelines and present a wrong impression about your organization to the client.

Employee onboarding, when not done well, results in high attrition rate, inability to fit in with the company, and reduced productivity. Without the benefits that employee relocation and support have to offer, the employee is just another detached visitor looking for an excuse to leave.

What is lacking in the existing solutions available in the market?

There are a few solutions available in the market to handle the process of employee onboarding. The problem that lies with most of the answers is that they do not cover end to end process. In the eyes of the employee or the company, it could be half-baked methods followed to introduce two people together.

What to do in order to bridge this gap in the industry?

Hiring an experienced staffing company will solve the problem. Searching the market for a good employee is a full-time job and requires utmost care and attention. We strongly recommend you to look for the perfect staffing partner to help you with employee onboarding. This will also give you time and bandwidth to focus on expanding your business without having to be bothered by geographical and cultural limitations.

Here’s our 5-point guide to choosing the right partner for your employee onboarding process:

The company must have immense experience in different regions of the world to anticipate and handle any issue that might come your way. Prior transactions with the local players help with critical complications regarding visa application, payroll, compliance, employee accommodation, etc.

Expertise put the company in an excellent position of providing solutions to suit your unique requirements. They will have a variety of options from which you can choose what you think will work for you. This expertise is displayed with innovative models and a thinking-outside-the-box approach. Today companies are coming up with innovative models for not only in quick staff addition but also in areas of generating revenue from your bench.

There is no such thing as average work when it comes to a good onboarding company. Take a look at the company profile. The write-ups and news pieces speak volumes about the excellent services they provide to the clients. As you speak to them, look for the “partner” mindset and their willingness to work as an extended team who is interested and invested in your success.

Geographical presence
Expanding your company globally requires transcending the borders. Your being new to a country should not stop you from establishing roots there. Choose a staffing partner who has a global presence. This way they can help you with the administrative work of expansion and help you focus on the business side of expansion, including customer relationship management and project delivery. In essence, the staffing partner should help you proceed with your business like it is in your backyard.

Customer satisfaction
Nobody speaks for the company like its clients. While fancy websites and colorful advertisements are attractive indeed, it is the word of the customer which should express our brand value. They are the right advocates.

Who are we and what’s our take on the process?

If you want specialized talent for a role in your company, you need a professional partner who is equipped to handle it. This is where we come in.

We are Future Focus Infotech. We are aiming to redefine the employee onboarding space by providing an end to end solution to all your recruiting needs. We have an experience of more than 20 years and have successfully onboarded more than 20,000 employees all around the world. We have a local presence in about 40 countries and have partnerships with local companies that make the process of onboarding extremely smooth and hassle-free. Not just that, we have an extensive platform that has been built to address the issues that are prevalent in the Recruitment industry. Second and Bench Loaning are a few innovative solutions we offer. With Future Focus Infotech, Employee onboarding is an enhanced process for the company and a delightful experience to the employee.

As a Human Logistics Solutions provider, we take care of all the staffing requirements of the company. When a recruit is identified, his needs concerning paperwork, payroll, visa, accommodation and various other logistics.