You will need to come into an Hiretek office, and you may need to allow about 4 hours for the entire recruitment process. This may be conducted over several sessions.


When you arrive, we will ask you to read and complete some documents so that we can create a file for your employment with us.

Assessments (Some roles only)

For some jobs you apply for – we may send some assessments to your home for you to before we meet you. This will give us a good understanding of your skills and also what sort of work environment suits you the best. If you don’t have a home computer, don’t worry- you can do these when you come into the office.


If you are being considered for a vacancy, you will have an interview with one of our consultants so that they can gain an understanding of your work history and experience, what type of position you are seeking and are suited for and they will also ask about the factors that impact on your work. This is an opportunity for the consultant to get to know you in person and for you to learn more about Hiretek. It’s all part of the selection and matching process.

Licenses and Qualifications

We will take copies of these and retain them on file. We will verify them to make sure they are current and valid.


Part of our recruitment process helps us to gain further insight into your work history by speaking to referees you nominate to us. We will need the contact details of at least two work-related referees who must have supervised you directly in a working environment in the past. We ask them a series of questions based on your ability, performance, and interpersonal skills to ensure that we further understand your work history and can verify details you have provided to us.


If you wish to work for us as a temporary employee and you have had all of the pre-employment processes completed, and we think we will be able to provide you with work, we will undertake a comprehensive pre-employment induction with you. This is where we further explain what we require from you, provide and explain to you employment-related documentation such as your Individual Employment Agreement, tax code declaration, and other payroll and policy information, and we will require you to complete these.