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What training will I get?2023-01-16T16:51:10+05:45

Prior to the commencement of any work with us, we will provide you with a health and safety induction, and you will answer a few questions related to the induction to ensure you have understood the information provided in the induction.

We then make sure that you receive the first day on the job induction, which will be delivered to you by our client or Hiretek, depending on the company you are working for. This is designed to advise you with specific details relating to the job you are about to perform and our client’s site.

Hiretek may be able to offer you a range of different opportunities to upskill yourself once you are on the job – just ask your consultant what may be available to you.

It is important that if you are asked to change your duties at work, you notify your Hiretek consultant so that we can make sure you are given the appropriate training for the new functions.

How does temporary employment work, and what is my status as an Hiretek Associate (our name for temporary staff)?2023-01-16T16:51:05+05:45

We work with a wide range of clients for whom we provide flexible workforce solutions. There are many reasons for temporary and contract staff –cover for short term absences (holidays or staff sickness, for example), projects, seasonal peaks, additional work, or to provide a company with flexibility.

Companies will come to Hiretek to seek an individual, or a team, to provide additional resources, and we will then match and place suitable temporary staff or associates onto these assignments. Hiretek then becomes your employer, and we look after your employment relationship with us and all matters related to it, such as paying you. You are responsible for and work for Hiretek while you are on assignment.

Once you have agreed to an assignment, becoming an Hiretek  associate (our name for temporary staff), you will then become an Hiretek employee. We will pay your wages at an agreed rate for the duration of any assignment you may be placed into, and we will be responsible for your health and safety and other workplace and employment matters.

As an Hiretek associate, you are employed by Hiretek in the workplace you may be placed into, and you will be required to perform the work required of you and as directed by ourselves and our client. There may be times that we don’t have work for you. However, once you are fully registered and inducted, you can remain registered and will be ready to work for us when the next suitable assignment comes along.

We are only committed to each other for the term of any assignment, and both parties can give the required notice (unless due to serious misconduct or misconduct) as per your individual employment agreement at any time. You will work under the terms of your Individual Employment Agreement (the contract between you and Hiretek ) that was completed and signed by you at your induction, which is specifically designed for Temporary staff.

You can choose to terminate your association with Hiretek at any time (with the required notice if you are on assignment).

Being employed as an Hiretek temporary associate offers you the flexibility to come and go in between assignments as you please.

What can I expect from the Hiretek recruitment process?2023-01-16T16:47:50+05:45

You will need to come into an Hiretek office, and you may need to allow about 4 hours for the entire recruitment process. This may be conducted over several sessions.


When you arrive, we will ask you to read and complete some documents so that we can create a file for your employment with us.

Assessments (Some roles only)

For some jobs you apply for – we may send some assessments to your home for you to before we meet you. This will give us a good understanding of your skills and also what sort of work environment suits you the best. If you don’t have a home computer, don’t worry- you can do these when you come into the office.


If you are being considered for a vacancy, you will have an interview with one of our consultants so that they can gain an understanding of your work history and experience, what type of position you are seeking and are suited for and they will also ask about the factors that impact on your work. This is an opportunity for the consultant to get to know you in person and for you to learn more about Hiretek. It’s all part of the selection and matching process.

Licenses and Qualifications

We will take copies of these and retain them on file. We will verify them to make sure they are current and valid.


Part of our recruitment process helps us to gain further insight into your work history by speaking to referees you nominate to us. We will need the contact details of at least two work-related referees who must have supervised you directly in a working environment in the past. We ask them a series of questions based on your ability, performance, and interpersonal skills to ensure that we further understand your work history and can verify details you have provided to us.


If you wish to work for us as a temporary employee and you have had all of the pre-employment processes completed, and we think we will be able to provide you with work, we will undertake a comprehensive pre-employment induction with you. This is where we further explain what we require from you, provide and explain to you employment-related documentation such as your Individual Employment Agreement, tax code declaration, and other payroll and policy information, and we will require you to complete these.

How do you decide if I can work for Hiretek and become a temporary associate?2023-01-16T16:48:20+05:45

We are proud of our stance as the world’s number 1 HR solutions provider. For us to consider you for employment with us as an Hiretek temporary associate, we need to ensure that we have all the information we require before we employ you. This information needs to be accurate so that we can represent you with confidence to our clients and understand the type of position that will suit you best.

We must ensure you have the skills to undertake positions we may consider you of or put you forward for. This is so we place you within temporary assignments that are suited to your skills and ability so that you will be able to perform well and have a high level of satisfaction with your temporary assignment. This is for your benefit, as well as for our clients.

The Hiretek selection process is very thorough – but don’t worry. In most cases, there will be a position suited to you – we simply want to make sure it’s the right one. We may take you through a variety of processes, including registration, skills or psychometric testing, interviews, reference checking, and other background checks may be performed. The process will depend on several factors, including the role we are considering you for and our client’s requirements.

We make our decision based on several factors and will keep you informed throughout the process.

However, there are a few characteristics that we can’t accept during the recruitment process:

· Dishonesty – on your CV, in your application or registration documents or during your interview or at work

· Unreliability (not turning up to meetings or to work)

· Drug and Alcohol use –we have a zero-tolerance policy within the workplace

· Behavior at work that endangers you or someone else.

Will I be required to pay fees, deposits, or any amount during the recruitment process or at any time during my engagement with Hiretek?2023-01-16T16:49:15+05:45

No, it is not Hiretek policy to charge candidates or employees. No one is ever required to pay for employment at Hiretek or Hiretek clients. If you are contacted by someone asking for payment, please do not respond and contact us on write to info@hireteks.com  immediately.

If I am asked to attend an interview, what do I need to bring with me?2023-01-16T16:51:24+05:45

If a consultant calls you to arrange a time for you to come and see us, there are a few things you can begin to prepare so that we can progress your application.

The consultant will advise you what they require you to bring with you when they make your appointment, but these are some things you may need to provide (depending on the vacancy you are applying for or the type of work you are seeking):

· Aadhar card

· PAN card

· Mark sheets

· Bank details

How do I register with Hiretek?2023-01-16T16:51:27+05:45

There are many ways you can register with us.
1) Visit the 
job seekers page to search for a specific job and click apply.

You will be required to complete a registration page and to attach your application and CV. Your application will come into the branch, managing the vacancy, and one of our consultants will be in contact with you. If you don’t see a suitable job, but want to send your details into us, follow the general application instructions on our job search page.

2) Call into or contact one of our branches and discuss your details with a consultant. They will guide you on the best way to apply. Contact us

In all cases, to register with us, we will need you to provide us with information and also to complete documentation. This is to ensure we capture relevant information for us to consider your application further.


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