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There’s no doubt that Information Technology is the backbone of almost every 21st-century business. From the world’s top companies and conglomerates to growing start-ups, every business relies on technology and quality talent to run such an industry. That is why IT is one of the fastest growing (and the most lucrative professions) in the world, providing tons of opportunities for professional success.
But finding your ideal job in this ultra-competitive industry is no walk in the park. That’s where Hiretek comes into the play?

Hiretek, founded 20 years back, offers a one-of-a-kind experience that goes far beyond any other staffing agency. We are India’s leading staffing and recruitment agency specializing exclusively in high-end, Niche IT, Technology, and Digital Marketing talent. We are a National IT Staffing Solutions company with multiple offices and presence PAN India. Since 2008, Hiretek has witnessed rapid expansion and now holds a national presence.

Hiretek manages a team of over 100 Career Experts who take pride in placing talented professionals in their desired work environment. We combines staffing knowledge, deep technology, and long-term experience to create perfect talent solutions. The workforce outsourced from us will increase team efficiency, faster time-to-market, and operational cost saving. Because Hiretek first invests time in understanding your business needs, then accordingly offers candidates with the proper knowledge and experience. We offer a competitive advantage through a unified customer experience.

Contingent Workforce Planning Contingent Workforce Planning Group Is A Leading Staffing Agency . We Help Businesses Stay Fully Staffed

Permanent HiringVirtual Hiring And On-Boarding, Identifying The Right Talent, And Strain On Hiring Budgets

Out Placement  Equipped With A Well-Maintained Database Of Resumes And Possessing A Team Of High-End Professionals

Client Engagement Models Talent Acquisition Is The Most Critical Part Of Business Today, And Businesses Need To Stay Ahead

The fixed price model is ideal for the projects that have clearly defined requirements and scope. It’s safe for both service providers and customers as well because it’s risk-free as the total cost and timeline are determined before the project starts. The budget, delivery time, goals, and achievements are defined prior. Hiretek’s fixed price model is ideal for all kinds of projects regardless of its size if the requirements are pre-defined.

    Key features of this model:

  • There is a clear and well-defined scope for the fixed price model.
  • The accounting for this model is based on the milestones defined.
  • The project is straightforward, and there are few or no external dependencies.
  • In this case, if any change in scope is made, it is separately estimated and the budget from the customer side must be approved.

The hourly price model is perfect for projects which do not have a clearly defined scope, requirements or changes are expected in any phase of project development. The cost estimation depends on the time spent and resources used per model. You need to pay on an hourly basis and you have the flexibility to change the project requirements in the ongoing project with the changing market trend.

    Main characteristics of this model project:

  • It works well for all – type projects of all sizes.
  • Project complexity depends on integration and external resource dependency.
  • The billing of the project is done twice a week and the supporting timesheets are shared with the clients.
  • This model offers flexible solutions for optimizing costs and refreshing the team.

The dedicated hiring model is ideal for long term projects and requires offshore services. The client owns the full control over the project team and resources involved. Hiretek offers highly skilled performers and technical resources, depending upon Clients’ requirements. This model reduces your project cost as you need to pay for the hired team only via a fixed or hourly model.

    Main characteristics of this model project:

  • This model is best suited to clients with internal project management staff.
  • According to this model, you are provided with the dedicated resources as required by your project.
  • As a customer, the cost of each resource may be fixed or scheduled every month.
  • The resources dedicated to this model work as virtual staff and you manage them, regardless of whether it is project management or task management.

Staffing Process

Work . With . Us . And . Stop . Unemployment - End-To-End Recruitment Cycle

Staffing Process

Work . With . Us . And . Stop . Unemployment - End-To-End Recruitment Cycle

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